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Why and How do Teenagers use the Web

Why and How do Teenagers use the Web and how we can help Them

Teenagers and Adults are two different Worlds or, better, are two different sides of the same coin.

That is, these two sides seldom connect each other, and the same Virtual World is seen by different glasses.

We adults need to understand how our kids perceive the Online in order to understand what the Web means for them.

The Cyber World our Children are going to live: introduction to the Digital Age

Have we entered the Cyber Age where Human and Machines blend each other?

Starting from Ingress, between Reality and Virtual we find a Hybrid reality.Why do teenagers use new media?

Parenting Advice in the Digital Age

The Web is just another piece of the ordinary World to our children.

As such, it’s the place where they experiment themselves, build their own Identity, test their skills.

As the Web is perceived in different ways, we adults often make wrong moves while having good intentions.

In this chapter I explain the most common mistakes.

How should we deal with the Web and how to manage our kids?

In this chapter you find the most useful advice.

Once you understand what to do, here you find how to do it.

Do you really know your Children’s Online Activity?

If your children use Snapchat, you can have its features as allies in order to stay connected with them. Here I explain how and why.

Parents believe Snapchat content disappears after the view, but it doesn’t. Here what you need to know about the Privacy of your children.

Dealing with teenagers requires us to be always on the move. We have to be flexible, creative, and most of all constantly focused on the main goal: it’s the only way to help them. And you need to know your children’s World. This is the reason why I used Clash of Clans to start a relationship with a teenager, and I explain how you can do the same.

The Web and its Threats

As we enter the Web of Things, our children are more and more exposed to Digital Threats.
As adult we have the responsibility to know them, how they act, and how to deal with them.


While all the world is talking about cyberbullying , we need to discern the reality (numbers) from the perception (what we think). Here you find the right data.

The more I study Cyberbullying and other related issues, the more I see the Human Being has the same mental processes as in the past.
The expression of these processes differs, and the Web brings another piece to the puzzle: here I explain how.

Probably your children have a smartphone, and if you think you need to understand this in order to protect your children then you are almost wrong.
In fact, this is just a mean, a tool your kids use in order to get what’s happening in the clouds.
The Web is about relationship…but what happens when these relationships go bad?

Internet Addiction

Endless Games may be the door to Online Gambling Addiction.
They have poor gameplay, continuous flow of small rewards, lights and sounds.
The same as slot machines!


Parenting is maybe the hardest job in the World, and the new Society is making our Reality so fluid and complex that we adults find difficult to face these everchanging Times.
Neverthless we can still help our sons.
We have to remember we are Virgilios who accompany and escort our kids to the Gate of their Future, then it’s up to them to go on and be able to stand on their own two feet.

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