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Dr Ivan Ferrero

Dr Ivan Ferrero

Digital Psychologist

Educator (2000), Psychologist Psy.D (2003), Psychotherapist (2009).

My work focuses on helping Teenagers, Parents and Professionals to deal with New Technologies.

By working with Children and Teenagers (Schools, home, Territory) I have a clear understanding of the young generations needs and desires.

My Digital passion makes me understand the actual impact of the New Technologies on our Life.

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I work with Kids and Children since 2000.
By working with Children and Teenagers on full range projects I have a clear understanding of the System your Children are involved in.
This lets me to detect, choose and suggest the best techniques and practices.
My experience as Psychologist and Psychotherapist gives added value and awareness about the problems your Children are living.
My services cover your sons and daughters, and you as parent.
If you feel in trouble with your kids or you are worried about their behavior you can contact me for a customized advice service that will happen via video call (Skype, Hangout) and/or email.

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I help my Colleagues to bootstrap their professional activity by using the Web.
My experience in Web Marketing (that I use for my job too) and Social Media Strategy will help you to find the right tools for your business and to achieve your goals faster and to avoid the trials/errors trap.
It means you will cut the costs and the loss of money and time.
My tutoring happens via video call (Skype, Hangout, etc…) and/or via email.
Contact me for a customized action plan.

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CEO of Depression-Anxiety-Panic SelfHelp Group, www.bullismoonline.it and the Bullismo Online Fanpage, I use my Web Marketing skills to help Teenagers and Parents with Cyberbullying, Hikikomori and Internet Addiction.
I partner with Startups and other Companies as Brand Ambassador and columnist: my posts are crafted to provide the best information, with a focus on engagement and a strong interaction with the audience.
I write about Teens, New Technologies and related issues on many Social Networks and platforms, and I currently work with Familoop as Cyberbullying Protection Expert.
I’m available for writings, Scientific Director/Advisor and Trainer, Community Manager: my voice is leading and strongly influencing, and my advice helps my readers every day to manage their Children Digital Life.
Please contact me for inquiry.

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His advice is invaluable

His advice is invaluable

He is smart, humble, friendly and very talented Psychologist

His countless posts which combat Cyberbullying are without doubt totally commendable

Dr Ivan's unique ability to link the traditional practices and theories with the rapidly changing dynamics of human communication and expression with digital devices makes him exceptional in his field

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